Tải xuống miễn phí New Anime Mugen APK cho Android

New Anime Mugen Apk is a free and open-source Android application that allows you to play the popular anime game Mugen on your mobile device. The app contains all the original characters from the game and many new characters created by the community. You can also create your own characters and levels to share with other players.

It is a free and open-source Android application for playing fighting games. With it, you can play any of your favorite 2D or 3D anime fighting games on your Android device without the need for an emulator. It has many advantages that make it a great choice for gamers who want to enjoy their favorite titles on the go. The biggest benefit is that it doesn’t require an emulator, which can be expensive and complicated to set up.

All you need is the New Anime Mugen and a compatible game file (usually called “verse”). This means you can get started right away without having to worry about the installation. Another great advantage of using the App is that it offers excellent performance for using OpenGL ES 3.0+. This ensures smooth gameplay even on older or low-end devices. Since there is no emulation, running the emulator with other apps/games will not affect battery life either.

About New Anime Mugen Apk

Team Play – Team Play allows you to choose from 3 jump force characters and you have two modes under Team Play. First team against CPU and 2nd team against Arcade. When you have to play more than one round and long. Then I recommend playing with Team vs Arcade. Team vs CPU is a single-round battle mode.

Single Play – Here you can select only one Jump Force anime character. Single games include single vs CPU and single vs arcade. Here too the situation is similar to team play.

Options – Control, change or modify game settings with sound and interference, gamepad analog, buttons, and more.

Training – Here you can learn the skills of all jump force New Anime Mugen Apk.

People, this is not the original and official release of the New Anime Mugen game for Android. This is a fun game that has been developed by unofficial officials and they give it to us and share their work for free. Thank you very much. And of course, a game called Jump Force PSP is also available, if you want to try it out, please visit our website. So you can play this game on Android and PC without any emulator or lag problems.

This new exciting anime Mugen game is as famous as other Dragon Ball Super Mutt games. The best thing about Jump Force Mogan Android Game is that you can watch and play many other Jump Force characters from different anime.

New Anime Mugen Apk Features

A simple MOBA game.

We all know that finding MOBA games for Android, iOS, and PC devices is difficult. These games are rare and can only be found on the best official websites. In this game, you can choose five characters, each with different skills and attributes. Both teams will try their best to defeat the opposing team in New Anime Mugen Apk. In addition, you can also build more towers to protect your team.

The most famous anime characters.

Isn’t it amazing that in New Anime Mugen Apk 540 Characters Download you can find 540+ famous anime characters and 100+ Mugen characters from all over the world? Feel free to explore the amazing Dragon Ball anime characters. Bleach, Tokyo Ghoul, Naruto, Fairy Tail, and more. Moreover, Lang, Ahai, Uranus, Ghoul, Lolita, Zilong, Fanny, and Saber can also be unlocked in Anime Mugen 50 Characters APK.

I heard in the latest version that Anime Mugen is downloading 1000 characters to take the game to the next level. But I read the news on a famous tech forum and there it predicted strong characters and mentioned 50 characters to fight in this action game. Come with us and enjoy the game.

The Great Battle

Undoubtedly, each character has four different combos, three super attacks, fast movements, jumps, and transformations. All of these characters will demonstrate their special moves in an unprecedented battle. Then keep attacking the enemies without stopping. Mugen iOS anime download is slowly draining their energy. In addition, by defeating them, you can become stronger and more powerful.

Funny game mode.

A player can enjoy several interesting game modes. Each game mode has different rules and instructions that must be followed. In single-player mode, you can participate in 1v1 battles. Also, Teamplay mode has two other modes: Arcade and CPU.

Form your team of up to 3 players and battle AI opponents in the latest version of Anime Mugen. In survival mode, you get one life. How long you can stay on the battlefield is up to you. Training mode is the last but most important mode where you can train your character with new skills.

Free download.

If you want to download the hacked version of this game, please visit our official website. You can easily enjoy all the features without spending a single cent. Also, it is a paid version, which means everything is officially provided by the developers. You just need to download this version from our website. Also, this game takes up a lot of storage space on your Android device.

Against the boycott.

The most amazing thing is that this game is not restricted to any Android device. However, due to various traditional issues, the sport has been banned in many countries. But if you download Anime New Anime Mugen 200 MB, you can have fun anytime, anywhere. There will be no course limit. Also, the UI system of this game is compatible with all types of devices. Also, you don’t need to connect this game to a VPN.


Huge collection of Mugen characters.

New Anime Mugen Apk gives you access to a huge collection of characters, so big it will make your head spin. From Naruto to Goku, from Sailor Moon to Inuyasha, find all the anime stories you know and love. From classic favorites to the latest and greatest, you’ll find everything here.

Customizable motion sets.

Who does not want to add a personal touch to their favorite sport? This installation offers just that. With this amazing feature, you can show off your unique style by customizing your characters’ movements. Want your favorite anime hero to do a crazy backflip before throwing that final punch? There you have it! With this feature, the possibilities are endless and the combinations are endless.

Dynamic combat system

The dynamic combat system of this app allows you to bring your favorite characters to life in an epic way. With every move and attack, the game makes you feel like you’re in a real anime setting and defeating your opponents.

Hard game mode

Imagine fighting your opponents, dodging their moves, and delivering devastating blows yourself. The tension rises and adrenaline flows through the veins. But just when you think you have the upper hand, the game changes, and new challenges come your way. This is what the game offers: From one-on-one battles to team battles with your friends, the fun never ends and the challenges never end.

Additional Features:

  • A fast-paced, competitive fighting game.
  • Original sprite of each character in the New Anime Mugen Apk.
  • The characters Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Shingeki no Kyojin are also available.
  • Traditional forms of transformation are also available, such as B. Susan, Titan Form, Demon Form, Tail Beast, and others.
  • The visuals are carefully modeled from manga and anime scenes.
  • The Android version of New Anime Mugen Games is heavily compressed.
  • There are a few requirements to run the game on your Android or iOS device.
  • Form teams in 2v2 or 3v3 mode.
  • Eren Yeager, Good Store, Irwin Smith, Battle Titan, Tsukuna, Kurama, etc. They are all available.


New Anime Mugen Apk brings you the gaming experience of the original Mugen game on Android. If you’ve played this game before, you know it too. Friends, if you are new to the game I would like to say that the gameplay is very exciting.

You can learn to play this game and the controls/gen pad are very easy to use. During the game, you can make 3 super attacks for each character, 4 types of combos for each character, jumps, quick moves and transitions, and quick transfers. Variations are only available for certain characters such as Goku, Naruto, Sasuke, Vegetables, etc.

How to download and install New Anime Mugen Apk?